Apple Watch Series 5(38mm)

Apple has launched the 5th generation of apple watches and has added some new extraordinary features that have replaced the old series of the apple watches. One of the new and most important features of the apple watch is the always-on screen which means that the screen remains on even when you are not using the watch. You don’t need to raise your wrist for the screen to show you time and your all workouts but in a dimmed light. This Apple watch series 5(38mm) is not cheap and affordable as its price starting from $399 and in many ways, it is the same watch last year’s Apple watch series 4.

But it has some new features that are super cool. The always-on display feature is already available in the other watches from years but it doesn’t improve battery life and makes things difficult. But amongst the all smart watches apple watches are the most desirable and are in fashion all the time.
Apple watch series 5(38mm) need an iPhone to use the watch, but if you already have an iPhone then it is surely your finest bet. It is hellish to find any smart watch that will meet your aspirations or too quick to respond to messages and calls. It the best buy Apple watch series 5.

Some new feature of the Apple watch series 5(38mm)

Here are some features of Apple watch series 5 Gps:Apple Watch Series 5(38mm)

  • The Apple Watch Series 5 has added a new feature that is an always-on display that makes it easier to use the watch when we are busy.
  • There is a compass, which points you in the exact direction when navigating the maps.
  • For the first time, there are titanium and ceramic models that give the watch a natural look.
  • It has a new feature SOS that will help you when you call abroad, but it doesn’t send your location to your emergency contacts.
  • Apple watch series 5 contains an app that keeps an eye on heart rate via the ECG app.
  • It has a better battery life then all the previous apple watch series.
  • It motivates you to move, sit less and exercise more and more.
  • You can listen to your favorite music around 50 million songs.
  • Apple watch series 5 includes 32 GB storage and 16 GB from the earlier models.
  • The Apple watch series 5 has a new processor S5 and 64-bit dual-core processor which is better 2x faster than the S3 processor.

Apple watch series 5 black Friday deals

If you have been waiting for the best Black Friday deals on Apple watch series 5 then hurry up as so can get it on the lowest price. Amazon is offering one of the best discounted deals on Apple watch series 5 as you can get $30 off as compare to the original price. Apple watch series 5 deals are better than the other deals as these are worthwhile. If you are looking for this watch, you won’t have to jump around different deals as Amazon is offering the best Black Friday deals and they have no sign of running out of stock. Apple watch series 5 sale is available on Amazon and Apple’s official site.
The original price of Apple watch series 5(40mm) is $399. The larger (44mm) price starting from $429 and it offers a larger display, larger touchpoints, and somewhat bigger screen.

Apple watch series 5 Vs 3

Apple watch series 5 Vs 3, both the watches have many similarities and differences. Apple watches series 5 is the next generation of apple watch it is not that much different to apple watch 4. They have a major difference as series 5 is the latest and the most updated watch of this year but series 3 was the older version.

  • Similarities

Both watches have optical heart sensors, speakers, Global Positioning System, ECG sensor, NFC and emergency SOS.
Apple watch series 5 and 3 have the same battery life which is 18-hours a day.
Both the watches have a built-in rechargeable battery, magnetic charging cable, and USB power adapter.

  • Differences

The major upgrade in the Apple watch series 5 is the screen which is always on without affecting the 18 hours battery life. It is the new and modern feature that is only available in series 5.
Apple watch series 5 has a bigger screen than series 3 and have more case options. As series 5 is available in different material gold, stainless steel, and titanium.

Apple watch series 4 Vs series 5

Apple watch series 5 is much better than series 4 but there is only a minute difference between the watches. As both the watches are the latest and updated series of Apple.

  • Similarities

Apple watch series 4 Vs 5, both the watches have the same battery life which is 18-hours a day.
Pair of these watches have built-in heart rate tracker, Electrocardiogram (ECG) app, a noise app which will help to check the noise pollution around you.
The sizes and designs are exactly the same and come in the same two sizes, the display is also the same.

  • Differences

The major upgrade in this watch is the display screen which is always turned on.
Apple watch series 5 has more storage capacity and a compass which is a new feature.
One of the major features of series 5 was a built-in compass which was the first time included in any watch.

Apple watch series 5 release date

Apple watch series 5 was announced in an event by Apple which was held on 10th September 2019.
Consumers or buyers were able to purchase it on 20th September 2019 which is the exact date of availability in the market.

Apple watch series 5 waterproof

A question comes in everyone’s mind that “Is Apple watch series 5 waterproof or not? “So yes it is waterproof”. As all the Apple watches are waterproof and they are specially designed for the swimmers as they watch automatically records the swimming workout.

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