Apple Watch Series 3 38 mm

Apple watches are a line of smartwatches specially designed, advanced and marketed by Apple Inc. It combines tracking of fitness and health-oriented aptitudes that are integrated with iOS and other Apple services. Apple watch series 3 38 is the third generation of Apple watches which is a new and improved one and includes a lot of new features.

The most significant change coming to this new apple watch series is the cellular connectivity that allows the users to make and receive calls without their smartphones. That is why it doesn’t rely on the paired smartphone for connectivity. This watch has an electronic sim built in other than a micro sim card that will use the same number as your current cell phone.

Due to its superlative features from all the other watches, it has now become the most selling watch in the world. If you are thinking to buy this apple watch amazon then go ahead but make sure that the service provider of your smartphone and the watch will be the same because all the service providers don’t have pursuit accounts.

Basic Features of Apple Watch Series 3

Here are some features of apple series 3 watch:Apple Watch Series 3

  • Apple watches series 3 38 mm is a silver aluminum case with a white sport band.
  • This watch has a dual-core S3 processor.
  • It has a voice assistant built-in “Siri”.
  • It comes in silver color.
  • This watch is a water-resistant watch with a maximum of 164 feet depth.
  • One of the best features of the apple watch series is the Apple Music that will help you to easily find your favorite artist, listen to music and discover new music. This offer is only for first-time subscribers to Apple music.
  • Apple watch series 3 (38mm) requires an iPhone 6s with IOS 13 and the next iPhone generation.
  • It also includes an Electrical heart sensor app that uses the watch’s digital crown and sensors to monitor the heartbeat and examines it for potential issues.
  • It has built-in GPS and GLONASS, accelerometer, gyroscope, and ambient light sensor.

Apple watch series 3 (38mm) price

The apple watch 3 price is $199.00. If you are interested to buy this apple series watch then go ahead and don’t need to be worried about the high price as it worth it. Apple watch series 3 38 mm price is quite expensive when launched but now it is affordable.

Size of the case

The size of the apple watch series 3 38mm that comes with a small band and a medium band.


The apple watch series 3 (38mm) is smaller than the apple watch series 3(42mm) but it is perfect for the people with the smaller wrists. The display size of the apple watch is 563 sq. mm with a resolution of 326 PPI. It has OLED Retina display with force touch and 1000 nits brightness.


The target Apple watch series 3(38mm) works with WatchOS 4. which has improved and modernized the heart rate app( which includes resting, health and fitness). Workout app( with top intensity interval exercise), also contains two-way data management. with GymKit-integrated cardio fitness tools from the top health fitness companies like Cybex, Schwinn and Star Trac.

Battery Life

Apple Watch 3 has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that works up to 18 hours. It also includes a magnetic charging cable and a USB power adapter. Apple has claimed that they offer an all-day battery life with 18 hours of usage but in many cases, the LTE models battery will low more quickly.
After apple watch 3 review I came to an end that the battery life is quite superb. The 18-hours usage of the watch includes 90-time checks, 90 notifications, 30-minute workout while listening to music, 45 minutes of app usage and 14 hours of connection to the iPhone thru Bluetooth.

Technical details

Here are some technical details of the iwatch series 3:Apple Watch Series 3

  • Apple watch serie 3 38 mm is GPS (Global Positioning System), Galileo, GLONASS and QZSS (Quasi-Zenith Satellite System enabled.
  • Apple Watch includes an eSIM (embedded SIM) that is a form of programmable sim card that is directly embedded into the device.
  •  16 GB capacity for GPS and Cellular, 8 GB capacity for the only GPS.
  • Supports the W2 Apple wireless chip.
  • It has 768 MB DRAM (Dynamic Random Access Memory) and supports watch 4 to 6 Operating System.


Apple watches use a wireless networking technology for connecting to an iPhone. which performs several tasks like calling, texting.

Series 3 apple watch and the later apple watches can unconventionally connect to a mobile network, avoiding the need for an iPhone after completing the initial setup. Apple watch series 3 requires an iPhone 6 or later for connecting to the watch.

What’s in the box?

Apple watch series 3 (38mm) comes in different versions yet again this year. Not like stainless Steel, the edition box maintains it’s rounded.

The box includes a watch and a charger in one box and the unattached band in a separate box.
If you want to change the band color you can easily buy different color bands from Amazon.

Performance of Apple Watch Series 3 38

The third generation of the Apple watches S3 dual-core processor up to 70% extra performance than the apple watch series 2. The digital assistant “Siri” is more updated and modernized. If you ask something from Siri the watch speaker will answer you and you don’t need any earphones. Just say “Hello Siri” to involve the voice assistant.

The apple watch 3 is compatible with the iPhone 6s and so on.

That will helps them to improve their health, fitness and keep an eye on other activities. They can also enjoy music whenever they want and apple watch sport is all the time available for their queries.

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